I usually write reviews on Amazon, but I wanted to chime in and leave a quick review about a taxi service I used in Atlanta. So it was a cloudy and chilly evening when I arrived at the Atlanta airport for the first time. I was supposed to be at a meeting at 4PM, and I was already an hour late. The plane was delayed, as my luck would have it. I sat in the first cab I found. I was so frazzled that I somehow left my briefcase at the airport, outside the sidewalk. I realized it just as the cab driver entered the highway.

I panicked, as I thought everyone at the airport is going to panic, and I am going to get in big trouble. However, my taxi driver was as a cool as a cucumber. He called the airport police sergeant directly, and told him that he has a passenger who left her black briefcase outside Terminal A. They immediately got the dogs to sniff it, and of course it was fine, so they took possession of it. My cab driver turned right around took me back to the airport, and walked with me to collect my briefcase from the holding area. I mean who does that? I was so thankful for this taxi cab driver to help me out like that and take good care of me, when I was lost in a big airport for the first time. That is why I strongly recommend Style Taxi to anyone that needs a taxi anywhere in the greater Atlanta GA area.